6 tips to promote a collaborative culture — a January game!

Melissa Fisher
1 min readDec 22, 2023

When I was at a Continuous Testing/DevOps Training this week I came across this slide with 6 tips on what you can do to promote a collaborative culture. I thought it was a useful reminder of what actions you can take.

  1. Encourage others to share ideas.
  2. Recognise contributions of others.
  3. Confirm your actions with others before acting.
  4. Show empathy and respect towards others.
  5. State your views as questions instead of assertions.
  6. Move out of your private zone to connect with others.

I feel that I want to be looking at this often and check in with myself. In the New Year I’m going to play a little game. Each time I do one of these things I get 10 points. At the end of January I’ll see what scores I’ve got and in what areas. It’s a little experiment to see what I can learn. Also to make January more fun and less feeling blue.

I’m excited to start the game!



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