Fight the good fight

Melissa Fisher
2 min readFeb 8


I have recently read Dear Evil Tester by Alan Richardson. While reading it I had many moments of snorting with laughter. Luckily no one was around while I was drinking my tea!

I personally found it a very uplifting read and it helped provide a new viewpoint. At times, for me, taking things a little less seriously and having more fun! It has certainly spurred me on to continue in this spirit.

Jokes aside, it has plenty of insights. I would recommend this for any software tester.

There were lots of slogans within the book, such as

“Not all testers are Evil…Just the good ones.”

“I’m not evil. I’m just doing WHATEVER it takes.”

In these amusing slogans it does remind me that we’re here to do a job. We don’t need to apologize for doing it, feel like a burden or keep justifying our being as a software tester.

At the end of the book it states a few things (I won’t give them all away — buy the book). One idea was to write your own slogans.

A few slogans come to mind for me:

Fight the good fight.

This simply means I am trying to do the right thing by the team/project. Providing a new perspective. Giving information so decision makers are informed.

It’s not personal.

The feedback that I give is really nothing personal. I am here to help support the team/project.

No one is going to stop me nowww.

If you’re not sure where this comes from — go check out this video.

What would your slogans be?



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