Leading a scrum team

What I enjoy about my work is that it is so varied. I’ve been working at my current company for nearly three years now and in that time I have grown as a leader, manager and tester. I have enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone in a supported environment and the feeling of being trusted to tackle challenges in a way that best suits.

About a month ago I started to dig into learning the product better and reviewing product coverage. I was thoroughly enjoying it, however, due to priorities I was asked to support a scrum team and act as an interim dev lead. This role supports, guides and leads a scrum team. You could see this role a bit like a scrum master.

In reflection of the last few weeks it has made me quietly celebrate the skills that have been put to the test — leadership, facilitation, listening, mentoring/coaching and uplifting others. I *can* go into situations that are unfamiliar and add a lot of value.

What have I learnt?



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