Levels of Learning — Bloom’s Taxonomy

Melissa Fisher
2 min readDec 6, 2022


In my workplace I have been building out a Test Strategy for a program. It has involved gathering knowledge by asking the Question “what else do I need to know?” I have covered people (stakeholders/customers), product, project and quality attributes. Alongside this I have been asked to speak at an exploratory testing guild (an honor to be asked!), however, I have been trying to figure out what to talk about. This is where I started to think about how I’ve built out the Test strategy through learning and how I might be able to link this into a talk.

So I started researching about learning and I came across Bloom’s Taxonomy. How interesting is the below.


Examples I can give with building the testing strategy are:

Remember — what the acronyms stand for.

Understand — What the areas of the product do.

Apply — Be able to interpret an architecture diagram and understand how areas link together.

Analyze — To analyze what testing might be needed and therefore, what roles I need on the team.

Evaluate — Argue a case for the importance of a particular type of testing.

Create — Create a test strategy.

I feel test work goes through these different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. By studying this it might help us map out what we do next. Or we could use it to help other people.



Melissa Fisher

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