Out the box thinking

Recently I have changed my twitter handle back to @ fishouthebox . I’ve started to think about my thought process about what it means. Some of you may be envisioning a person jumping out of a box! :) Which is a fun image to think about. However, my first line of thought is how I work as a software tester, to think outside of the box and explore the unknowns. This is something that all software testers need. To be questioning and challenging what is in front of us.

Science and testing comparison

As my background is in Science this is my natural comparison. How science does exactly the same thing. It explores the knowns and also, the unknowns. What do we know for a fact? What else can be explored? What other conclusions can we take a way? Science builds on top of each building block. What we know/believe today, may be different tomorrow.

Lobotomy to treat patients

There are many examples throughout history where we have learnt new things and changed our minds. One such example is the horrific lobotomy procedure that happened in the 1940s to treat patients that had schizophrenia, severe depression or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). What they would do is drill a pair of holes into the skull and push instruments into the brain to break the brain connections. The idea was if patients had these thoughts running round and round, then by interrupting the circuit you could cure them. How wrong was their idea! It makes me feel a bit sick thinking about this barbaric procedure. However, these days lobotomy is not used and we have better ways to support patients.

Software testers do not accept what’s right in front of them

As software testers, we are looking at a product and exploring everything about it. Who is going to use this? Is it fit for purpose? Why would people be interested in this? How could we make it more appealing? Can *anyone* use this? We’re not accepting the idea that is right in front of us and what others may think. We are challenging it and providing a new perspective.

Test automation — the big picture

Another example of thinking outside the box relates to making my own mind up. There is a lot of talk about test automation and I’ve started to think about the basic Test Pyramid again. Are we considering the big picture or is it only that UI Automation? It’s an interesting one as I believe Automation is a broad topic. When companies are looking for automation skills — do ask them what in particular they are looking for e.g. ui/api/unit level etc? Do they see the bigger picture as well? It would be interesting to hear from other about this.


Overall, I feel happier than I’m back to my former twitter handle. It feels more fun and creative! That’s what social media is for at the end of the day — to connect with likeminded souls and have some fun!



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