Women in Testing/Tech

I sent a tweet out to ask “I want to read some blogs/books by women in testing/tech. What have you got for me?”. This is what the wonderful twitter world came up with. This blog post captures all of this information.


  1. Lena (Pejan) Wiberg http://testing.pejgan.se/

2. Nicola Lindgren http://nicolalindgren.com

3. Jenna https://jenna-tests.proseful.com

4. Angela http://angelariggs.github.io

5. Ashley https://ashleygoestogradschool.tumblr.com

6. Jen Kitson https://jenkitson.wordpress.com

7. Melissa Benua https://queenofcode.net

8. Alex Schladebeck https://schladebeck.de

9. Karo Stoltzenburg https://putzerfisch.wordpress.com/

10. Cassandra https://www.cassandrahl.com/

11. Gitte Klitgaard http://nativewired.com

12. Claire Reckless https://ministryoftesting.com/dojo/lessons/the-one-page-test-plan…

13. Jess http://jessingrassellino.com

14. Brittany Stewart https://brittanystewart.tech

15. Yogita https://yogitalad.blogspot.com

16. Constance https://theartfultester.com

17. Yevheniia Hlovatska https://medium.com/wix-engineering/team-as-a-key-to-agile-quality-f0a0d170af82…

18. Heather Reid heatherreiduff.com

19. Crystal https://crystalprestonwatson.com/

20. Maaikees https://maaikebrinkhof.nl

21. Laveena https://laveenaramchandani01.medium.com

22. Georgia Bloyce https://georgiabloyce.tech.blog

23. Lina Zubyte https://qualitybits.tech

24. Marie Drake https://www.mariedrake.com/

25. Lisi Hocke https://www.lisihocke.com/?m=1

26. Swanny http://girlsngadgets.com

27. Beth Marshall https://beththetester.com/

28. Louise Harney https://harneytester.wordpress.com/author/harneytester/

29. Erin Hess https://erin-hess.medium.com

30. Jenny http://jennydoesthings.com

31. Louise Gibbs https://louisegibbstest.wordpress.com,

32. Emna https://emnaayadi.com/

33. Maaret https://visible-quality.blogspot.com/?m=1

34. @ElfriedeDustin

35. @DorothyGraham

36. @FionaCCharles

37. Johanna Rothman

38. @DrSEldh

39. @techgirl1908

40. @nicolefv

41. Suman Balahttps://twitter.com/sumanbala867

42. Natalia https://dev.to/anfibiacreativa

43. Read “99 Bottles of OOP” by @sandimetz and Katrina Owen https://sandimetz.com/99bottles

44. Anne Marie Charrett https://www.annemariecharrett.com/

45. Sam bughuntersam.com

46. Ursula http://testhexen.de/


  1. Full Stack Testing by @gaya3manoj https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/full-stack-testing/9781098108120/
  2. The Complete Software Tester — @KristinJackvony
  3. @katrinaclokie ‘ s book https://leanpub.com/testingindevops
  4. Agile Testing Condensed (and their non condensed siblings) by @lisacrispin and @janetgregoryca
  5. The Manager’s Path by @skamille is fantastic
  6. @LenaPejgan made a book Would Heu-Risk it? https://leanpub.com/wouldheuriskit
  7. @mpoppendieck — wrote Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit. She has made such a huge contribution to how we all work. http://poppendieck.com/people.htm
  8. Explore It by Elizabeth Hendrickson
  9. Agile retrospectives by Esther Derby
  10. The Standout developer by Randall Kanna



Software tester writing to process her thoughts and learnings.

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